Shipping Crayfish


When I get an order for a crayfish, I either read the address right off the paypal or from the information when the money order that is mailed to me. So if you send a paypal,  include your shipping address or include the shipping address along with the money order. All shipping dates are worked out ahead of time to be sure you are home at the time.


All crayfish are guaranteed live and undamaged at the time of arrival. If there happens to be a damaged or dead crayfish, I ask for a picture or send it or a substantial portion of it back to me at your cost.

I pay for all shipping of the new crayfish, along with the new one.


Pictured below is how the crayfish are packed. My assistant is my daughter elizabeth.


Each Container gets 2 ounces of water. This is enough for the crayfish to keep it's gills wet and provide a little cushion when the package is moved about during transport.




Each container gets one crayfish, as shipping two in a container would harm each other.




The crayfish is in the container and pure oxygen is inserted , then the lid is snapped closed.





The container is then placed in a bag to prevent leaking on to other's packages during shipment incase the container leaks. The oxygen cannot escape either. 





The watered, contained, oxygenated , bagged crayfish is then placed in a box, then sent using either fed-ex or united states post office. I send the shipping information by e-mail the evening of the shipment.