Links to Ebay auctions are done through ebay, we at blue crayfish are NOT selling fish but providing links to people that are and have good feedback. We are in NO WAY responsible for any of the sales done through ebay so please do not email asking about them. Fish selling matters should be handled with the sellers. Make sure that it is legal to purchase fish in your state before buying. Known states that do not allow these crayfish are (but not limited to) Arizona, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Utah, Wisconsin, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, Missouri.
  • Self replicating

    This is truly one of the most spectacular crayfish that I sell. these crayfish are capable of "cloning" themselves. When they mature, they do not need any mate to reproduce. As an added bonus, these crayfish change from brown to blue in some parts of their exoskeleton as they mature.

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  • CPO Crayfish


    It is challenging to get interesting animals in a fresh water tank and these are definitely a way of achieving that goal. The major advantage of owning these crayfish is that they do very well with fish and most are not aggressive.

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  • Orange Crayfish

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    These are truly some of the most orange crayfish that I have ever seen. These really pop when they are seen in a tank and they definitely draw a lot of attention to themselves. If your tank is in need of a little life, this is definitely the crayfish for you.


J Please note that environmental laws prohibit the shipment of crayfish into the state of California. I am sorry. For further information contact the California Division of Fish and Game. Other states that have restrictions are : Arizona, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Utah, Wisconsin, Oregon, and hawai. I absolutely will not break any state or federal laws. I constantly search for updated state laws although the department of fish and wildlife makes it extremely difficult to find relevant laws although I have written to them many times to come up with a comprehensive sheet of invasive or banned species per state. I do not sell the highly invasive rusty crayfish.

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