Crayfish are becoming more and more popular as aquarium pets by the year. It's easy to find crayfish, as you can buy them right here, but taking care of them take a little know how.

Luckily, pet owners can find a huge amount of information pertaining to crayfish and crayfish care here, along with a forum for support from fellow crayfish pet owners and lovers.

Crayfish are also referred to as crawfish, mudbugs, or crawdads and are closely related to the lobster, as they are both crustaceans. There are approximately 450 species of crayfish in the world, with over half of them living in the United States. Crayfish are found all over the world, and some are even found in salt water, although this is uncommon.

The average size of a crayfish is around three inches, but some are far larger or smaller than this. Crayfish have a head and thorax, and a segmented body, the body of which can vary depending on the breed and many other factors. On the crayfish's head area are two eyes that are on movable stalks, as well as two pair of antennae.

Crayfish are especially exciting to keep as aquarium pets because of how much fun they are to watch and care for, and because of the sheer amount of activity they display. On any given day you'll find crayfish sifting through rocks for food, moving them around to create their perfect hideaway spot, chasing (and usually not catching, although there are exceptions) the fish in your tank, and of course, gnawing on shrimp pellets, carrots, or whatever delicious food you decide to shower them with.

Another exciting aspect of crayfish keeping is the brilliance and diversity of each species. This site was named after the Procambarus alleni, a beautiful blue breed and just one of several exciting species to add color and liveliness to your tank. Other varieties may be bright red, dark red, brownish, a brilliant orange color, and even a white breed that is a bit more rare to find.

Feel free to visit our BlueCrayfish.com pages including the forum, market, FAQ, and others, and if you'd like more information on crayfish keeping, you can also check out the book 'The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Crayfish as Aquarium Pets' on Amazon.com for Kindle (and Kindle Reader, a downloadable program).

Happy crayfish keeping, everyone!

For additional information on crayfish, please follow this link to a book about crayfish.


    This is part of the indoor setup, obviously, there are a lot more fish tanks being used. The pregnant females get their own tank and the babies are divided into separate tanks in order to reduce cannibalism and fighting. This advanced system uses a single pump and highly efficient lights in order to reduce power consumption. Currently, great efforts are being put forth to ramp up the number of breeder crayfish. Only a few adult crayfish can be put in a single tank at a time provided that there are many hiding places for each one, preferably two or three hiding places for each fish.