Cloning Crayfish

These self cloning crayfish must be handled with extreme caution. A single crayfish can cause an infestation and interrupt native species if released in the wild. These crayfish produce asexually and over the course of their life they are capable of having hundreds of babies. If you not longer want the crayfish, do not release them in the wild, make sure that they are dead and dispose of them in a way that they cannot reach any water supplies in the case that they might have a single egg on them. Saying this, this crayfish are very cool and interesting to observe. Another use of these crayfish is to feed other animals, since they have the ability to reproduce. A lot of people use these crayfish in their coy pond. Once you get a good healthy supply of these crayfish, they will reproduce and provide plenty of food for other animals or a very interesting specimen for your person enjoyment. These crayfish are subject to harsher laws when shipping. Please contact me at before ordering anything. Thank you and enjoy the pictures: